Lumbar XLIF

Extreme Lateral Interbody Fusion (XLIF)


  1. Approach: This procedure is done to treat instability of the lower spine. Minimally invasive incisions are made in the side, through which the muscles and tissue are gentle moved to the side and the spine exposed. Special retractors and fluoroscopy help to visualize the affected area.

  2. Decompression: The disc between the affected vertebral bodies is removed, thus relieving any pressure on the spinal cord.

  3. Stabilization:  A polyethylene cage is inserted into the disc space along with BMP, a bone stimulating protein. This preserves the proper height of disc space and will eventually fuse the vertebrae together, providing additional stability.

After surgery, patients will remain in the hospital for one day. Most patients are able to return to all activities within a week. A postoperative rehabilitation program is usually prescribed to guide return to activities and normal life.

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