Testimonials From Our Patients

"Dr. David Langer is amazing, not only because of his surgical skills, but even more importantly, he is able to provide a sense of calm, confidence and a true healing energy throughout the trauma of having a brain tumor. This was especially important during the healing process.

As a physician myself, I deeply understood the severity and implications of my newly diagnosed brain tumor. This knowledge inspired profound fear in me.

Dr. David Langer's kindness and understanding, accompanied by the expert team he has created, alleviated my fears, and advanced the healing process in a manner that amazed me, and all who know me.

I am confident that my quick and complete recovery was directly related to the support and ongoing compassion that Dr. Langer and his team demonstrates with every patient."

Dr. Lucia C.


"I am a 53 year old woman who considered myself healthy, in good shape, active through weight lifting, kayaking, hiking, pilates and yoga. but, one day, after a month of not feeling well, i had a stroke. While not being able to immediately decipher why I had a stroke, I was given the protocol for stroke victims, but my body rejected all attempts to heal it, stents, plavix and all the acknowledged, successful treatments fell by the wayside.

Until Dr. David Langer and his team meandered into my room in the Neuro I.C.U.  He spoke about a procedure that he thought would work on my non-compliant body; a cerebral bypass.  As he and his team of amazing professionals prepared me mentally and physically for surgery, I realized I was in excellent hands.

The surgery was a success in large part to not only the skilled hands and mind of Dr. Langer, but also for his understanding and compassion as a person.  Everyone on the team helped me to reign in a positive attitude, reassuring me that I would be fine...just no pilates or bungy jumping again.

It is impossible to thank people who literally save your life, and do it with grace, charm and humanity.  Dr. Langer and each one of his team are the embodiment of pure, selfless medicine!"

Sharon G.


"Learning that I had a brain tumor brought me face-to-face with one of my greatest fears.  As a librarian and administrator, I was terrified that I would not be able to return to my professional world, and to my life.  Dr. Langer expertly removed the tumor and left me completely intact and able to return to my world – he is a superb physician and a wonderful man.  Throughout the process he was kind and communicative to all of my family members.  I am so fortunate to have been in his care.

Jane G.

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