The main blood vessel is not occluded with clips. No holes are made just yet. The donor vessels are sutured to the main vessel together with a metal ring.

A hollow catheter conducting laser light is slid in the donor vessel. By means of a vacuum pump the hollow catheter sucks the wall of the main blood vessel against the catheter. With laser light the catheter cuts a round hole in the wall of the main vessel. The metal ring ensure that the catheter sits in place and doesn’t shoot through.
The catheter is retracted from the donor vessel where blood will instantly start flowing. The donor vessel (not the main vessel) is concluded temporarily with a clip. The cut out tissue of the blood vessel wall is sucked against the catheter tip. This procedure is also applied on the right donor vessel.
The donor vessels are sutured together
The clips are now removed from the donor vessels and the blood flows through. The aneurysm can now be taken out of the blood circulation.

ELANA: Excimer Laser-Assisted technology

Nonocclusive Anastomosis for Extracranial­to- Intracranial and Intracranial-to­Intracranial Bypass

The Vycor ViewSite Brain Access System

With the ViewSite System, neurosurgeons have precise access to and visualization of the surgical field during brain and spinal surgery. This makes it possible for the clinician to have binocular vision during both the procedure and monitoring of the underlying brain tissue. The system is designed to be integrated with various neuronavigational systems and will reduce the risk of retraction injury and other complications that can occur when surgeons attempt to locate tumors using traditional devices and instruments.

The result: easier access, lower focal pressures, improved visualization and reduced surrounding injury. In essence, promoting streamlined surgery for the surgeon and a faster recovery process for the patient.

Dr. Langer will be the first physician in the United States to use Vycor’s newly FDA approved brain access system, and he will train his fellow colleagues on the “less is more technique.”

"Roosevelt Hospital is delighted to be the first institution in the United States to use Vycor’s brain access system," stated Dr. David Langer, Director of Cerebrovascular Neurosurgery at Roosevelt Hospital in Manhattan. (  “The newly designed retractors will allow neurosurgeons to have more precise access to the surgical field, as well as increased binocular vision of underlying tissue during brain surgery.  Consequently, by using Vycor’s new surgical access system, it will greatly reduce retraction injuries and other complications that can occur when surgeons are locating tumors.” 

About The Vycor ViewSite Brain Access System:
The Vycor ViewSite Brain Access System was designed to promote minimally invasive surgery, minimize brain tissue disruption during the surgical procedure, and promote beneficial procedural outcomes.  The devices were designed to be used with standard clamps that already exist in the OR as well as integrated with neuronavigational equipment. 

Vycor Medical ( is a medical device company that focuses on innovative devices in neurosurgery.  Vycor is registered with the Food and Drug Administration as a medical device company and is ISO 13485:2003 certified.


ELANA: Excimer Laser-Assisted technology
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