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We believe that using the latest technology can assist us in achieving minimally invasive results. In some cases, such as the Vycor ViewSite System, we are among the first to be using this state-of-the-art equipment. Click on the buttons (below left) to access more information about some of the the techniques and equipment that we use to achieve our superior results.

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NOVA – Our practice uses VasSol's NOVA (Non-invasive Optimal Vessel Analysis) to non-invasively quantify the volumetric blood flow rate in vessels of the brain. NOVA quantifies blood flow rates in vessels using standard MRI scanning.NOVA is the first technology to allow physicians to quantify blood flow in vessels non-invasively. NOVA incorporates interactive 3D images that provide a fully rotatable, 360° view of vasculature that allows for precise identification of each vessel for volumetric blood flow calculation.

ELANA Excimer Laser-Assisted technology – Nonocclusive Anastomosis for Extracranial­to- Intracranial and Intracranial-to-Intracranial Bypass.

VYCOR – With the Vycor ViewSite System, neurosurgeons have precise access to and visualization of the surgical field during brain and spinal surgery. This makes it possible for the clinician to have binocular vision during both the procedure and monitoring of the underlying brain tissue. The system is designed to be integrated with various neuronavigational systems and will reduce the risk of retraction injury and other complications that can occur when surgeons attempt to locate tumors using traditional devices and instruments.


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